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Welcome to The Villas Condominiums Associations, Inc. official website. It is our hope that it will provide a source of information, including the rules and regulations that need to be followed, answers to common questions and provide a quick and easy way to communicate with the board, property manager or maintenance manager and foster a positive and consistent communication between the owners, the volunteer Board members, and the managing agent. Features such as the ability to place a service request, easily contact the board members, the property manager or submit a maintenance request online are all significant conveniences.

We ask you to take the time and fill out the email request form as it is an inexpensive way to communicate with all owners and residents. "Snail" mail is a very expensive process and generally that information gets unread.

We will be posting approved Board meeting minutes on the site for easy reading and/or downloading. Same with newsletters and important notices. Those items that legally must be mailed will continue to be mailed. It is our hope to effectively cut down on much of the unwarranted email coming into our email boxes by added spam free forms. Any comments, please direct to the HOA Office.




Board of Directors
President - Sherry Harlan

Treasurer - Odessa Brown

Secretary - Ingrid Wilson

At Large Members - Ena Sierra, Magdolene Harangi

Property Manager
Contact HOA Office

Maintenance Requests
Fred Harangi

After Hours Emergency Number


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